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The Customer Experience Podcast for Business Leaders

Dec 18, 2018

Making sure your staff knows how they impact the Customer Experience is key to staff engagement, improved morale, and higher quality. This episode explains how and gives specific steps on how to achieve it.

Dec 11, 2018

A new year, a new role, a new focus... the beginning of the New Years is always a great time to refocus your CX efforts. If this is a new role for you, even better. This episode gives a clear plan by phases to making a huge impact in your CX work.

Dec 4, 2018

It's so very important to reflect back on your CX work for 2018 to understand where you were, where you wanted to be, and where you actually ended up. This episode walks you through how to do that in a way that sets you up for better success in your 2019 CX Goals.